In collaboration with Viper Innovations Ltd, a leading subsea oil & gas industry provider, Cranium Engineering Ltd is pleased to announce the successful deployment of Viper  award-winning V-LIFE technology on a major Deepwater asset in Nigeria. V-LIFE is designed to address one of the most critical challenges faced by operators in the offshore industry; subsea electrical failures caused by water ingress. This successful deployment showcases the benefits of V-LIFE as a preventive and active healing solution for low insulation resistance.


Subsea Electrical Failures :

The most common cause of subsea electrical failures is the ingress of water into cable insulation. This water ingress decreases insulation resistance (IR) and can lead to short circuits or leakage to the earth. These faults often result in the loss of power and/or communications to subsea equipment, posing significant challenges to production from subsea wells. This can ultimately lead to costly emergency shutdowns, loss of production and expensive Deepwater equipment repair and replacements.


V-LIFE: Preventative and Active ‘Healing’  Solution

V-LIFE is a patented technology designed to prevent and actively address low insulation resistance; it works by creating a water-blocking precipitate at points where there is water ingress through the insulation material. V-LIFE ‘finds’ the points of water ingress automatically, no location diagnostics are required.

V-LIFE is the only alternative to costly subsea fault-finding interventions or total umbilical replacement. Proven in field operation since 2012, it is now the leading alternative to subsea interventions and has been used by over 30 operators across over 175 applications worldwide.

A V-LIFE application involves the installation of a V-LIM line insulation monitor (the hardware), and V-LIFE (the software) can then be enabled. The installation is completed topside, with no subsea intervention required.


Key Benefits of V-LIFE:

  • Prevention: V-LIFE actively prevents water ingress into cable insulation, maintaining the integrity of subsea electrical systems.
  • Active Healing: In cases where water ingress occurs, V-LIFE initiates a healing process to restore insulation resistance, mitigating the risk of short circuits and equipment failure.
  • Enhanced Reliability: By addressing the root cause of subsea electrical failures, V-LIFE enhances the reliability and longevity of offshore assets.
  • Sustainability: V-LIFE aligns with the industry’s commitment to sustainability by reducing the need for costly replacements and minimizing environmental impact.

Sola Adekunle, CEO of Cranium Engineering, expressed his satisfaction with the successful V- LIFE deployment, stating Our first V LIFE deployment in Nigeria’s Deepwater assets is inline with our mission to provide technology-driven, cost-saving, safe, and effective solutions across Africa. Our customer was extremely pleased with how the V-LIFE application worked and has given us the opportunity to continue to provide V-LIFE services on their assets.

James Carnegie, Sales, and Delivery Director of Viper Innovations, added, “The Viper Innovation team is excited to work with Cranium Engineering to introduce our technology into this new region. It is very satisfying to get such great reviews from a new customer, highlighting our design philosophy of cost reduction and increasing production efficiency”. The deployment of V-LIFE adds to Cranium Engineering’s Deepwater asset integrity suite of solutions, further solidifying the company’s position as an industry leader in offshore engineering innovation.


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